What are the Advantages of Credit Repair Software?

What are the Advantages of Credit Repair Software?

Why would you want a credit repair software system?    Credit repair means you have to write dozens of letters and then track them all to make sure they had the result you wanted.  After getting a copy of your reports from each bureau, you need to go through them line by line.  Each mistake you find you must make a copy of that page and highlight the error.  Then you must write a letter to the bureau regarding that mistake, attach the highlighted page and mail to that bureau.  Each mistake or error must be sent to that bureau, even if it’s the same mistake on all three of bureaus.  They do not report to each other.  To fix your credit scores fast, the most obvious errors of misspellings or accounts that are not yours should be addressed first.  There is a lag or waiting time because the credit bureau has up to 30 days to research your request.  Sometimes you will get an automated letter from the bureau saying they are still researching. You will need to track the 30 days and write another letter with the same attachment to each bureau that you sent to and then more possible follow-ups.  (As an example my father is a “Jr.” and my brother is a “III” and their reports were both reporting some of the other’s accounts)

Here is where the benefits of having all this in an automated credit repair software system can become your advantage.  You only enter your accounts from your credit report in the software once and choose the button for the action you want to perform.  You will be able to fix your credit fast and know what actions you need to do next because your software will walk you through all the steps. 
· It’s Easier
· It’s Faster
· It’s More Accurate (than a calendar)
· And it’s Trackable

When you have a credit repair software system you will be able to do all the work on
your own computer to fix your credit yourself.  The system will remind you when and what you need to do next.  The credit repair software system comes with several free methods of getting a copy of your report from the three credit bureaus. 

What Not To Do!
· Don’t close your credit accounts, work on fixing them. 
· Don’t just flip through the credit reports; start to understand what they mean.
· Don’t sign up with a credit repair service

The benefits of having a credit repair software system are many.  They include printing out the necessary letters, tracking what you have sent and when the answer would be due.  You then can choose what your next action would be according to the instructions.  The loss of time because you forgot a date is pretty much eliminated.

If you are going to do any kind of credit repair you need to get organized! What better way to handle all of the details the easy way than a credit repair software that can do all of this for you. Go to http://www.axisitnow.com/repaircrediteasywayright not to get your instructions and software

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