The Insider’s Guide to Credit Repair

The Insider’s Guide to Credit Repair

Inside Secrets from a Credit Industry Professional There are a plethora of books out there promising to show consumers how to repair their credit. There is only one that explains how to establish credit, how to maintain and manage it, and, yes, how to fix it when it’s broken— The Insider’s Guide to Credit Repair. This much-needed book is current, cohesive, and thorough. It begins with the basics-defining credit, explaining its value to consumers and businesses, and introducing the ke

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5 Responses to “The Insider’s Guide to Credit Repair”

  1. Review by Eric Gibbs for The Insider’s Guide to Credit Repair
    I read this book and was amazed by the amount of information it gave. This author hits every area of credit that people need help with. Everything from credit scores to id theft is covered here and in great detail. It even gives little quizes at the end of each chapter to help you retain the info. The best part is that the chapters are so well segmented that you can just flip to the area you need help with and go from there.

    This book by far is the best credit guide out there today. The ones I’ve read in the past just touch on certain things here and there, but this author really gives you what you need. I’m buying copies for each of my college children. It is highly recommended!

  2. Review by Kira L. Reed for The Insider’s Guide to Credit Repair
    This book is a must read!! If you know anyone that has credit or financial issues, teenagers about to graduate from HS and college age kids-this would be a great gift for any occasion. Kids need to be informed now before they go out and start opening credit accounts they will later regret. They need to be educated on how to establish and maintain a great credit rating. Parents can use this as a guide. Buy it and read it for yourself. I am happy I have this book and look forward to sharing it and all that I have learned from it.

  3. Review by Wendell Roberson for The Insider’s Guide to Credit Repair
    I’ve read many books on credit and this is one of the better ones. I like the fact that you can read what applies to you if you choose. You don’t have to read the entire book from front to back but i’d recommend it for complete understanding.

    It’s very easy to follow, up-to-date, comprehensive. Highlights- a great chapter on credit scoring and improving your score; a good section on finding a good credit counselor; establishing and re-establishing credit, negotiating with collectors and I liked the tests after each chapter. The only thing I would have like more of is some negotiating tips but overall it’s good.

    I’d recommend Liz Weston’s Your Credit Score as well.

  4. Review by Antonio for The Insider’s Guide to Credit Repair
    This book is definately informative. It not only helps you understand ways to repair your credit, but gives you knowledge of how to make responsible decisions in using credit. It covers every aspect of credit from the major players, credit scores, and how to reestablish and establish credit.

  5. Review by A. Swanson for The Insider’s Guide to Credit Repair
    It isn’t the Insider’s Guide to Credit. It’s the Insider’s Guide to Credit Repair. If the word repair was dropped from the title, it might be a decent book. Even a great book. However, that word IS there.

    You first get to the repair part on page 179!

    I skimmed through the first chapters, because I’d spent the money. They do seem well-written and for those just beginning their lives in credit America, it’s good advice, to be sure.

    I went through a divorce where my ex did everything she could (and is still doing, 4 years later) to destroy my credit. I’ve done what I could up till now but wanted some solid advice on fixing the things I couldn’t get done myself. Given the title and rating, plus the fact this title was recent, I felt it could help. Two chapters (2) on repair. Thanks for taking my money.

    Can not recommend given the title. Change that and I might think it’s something you credit noobs could use. Until then it’s just another attempt to take your money, too.

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