The Complete Guide To Credit Repair

The Complete Guide To Credit Repair

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Credit Repair Secrets (from the Credit Doctor): Tricks of the trade to repair and improve your credit score fast! (Volume 1)

Want to raise your credit score fast? There is nothing a credit repair business can do for you that you cannot do for yourself.for free. You just need to learn the rules. This guide will help you learn to leverage the credit reporting system in your favor, gain access to free credit reports, remove errors and to negotiate removal of negative items.(even if they are accurate). Includes sample credit dispute letters. Improving your credit will save you thousands of dollars in high interest fees.

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Price: $ 6.10

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  1. Review by Jason Derbyshire for The Complete Guide To Credit Repair
    This book told me nothing. Its filled with common information and he drags it out paragraph after paragraph. You can clearly see this is quickly put together with no REAL research for a profit. If you know you have to dispute any credit errors with the credit companies, than you already have more information than whats in this book. If you are a complete … and don;t know anything about credit, you MIGHT get something out of this. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. MOST OF IT IS USELESS SAMPLE FORMS.

  2. Review by Patrick for The Complete Guide To Credit Repair
    My credit isn’t that bad; however, I do have a few dings here and there. I’ve been meaning to work on finding out how to fix my credit when I ran across “The Complete Guide to Credit Repair.” This book is so easy to read and understand my children could fix their credit, if they had any. The book walks you through, step by step, what you need to do to get your credit back on the right track. The other information about establishing credit, dealing with collection agencies, knowing what lenders are looking for and the FTC are added bonuses. This book is a great resource to have by your side.

  3. Review by Eric Stevenson for The Complete Guide To Credit Repair
    Unfortunately I had to file for bankruptcy several years ago. Since some time has passed since I filed, I bought this book with the hopes that there might be some useful information that could help me get started cleaning up problems on my credit report. This book didn’t even explain how to deal with inaccuracies on your report, but rather spouted off with a bunch of high morality bs. For example, there are mentions that finding your religion will help you. I’m sorry, I don’t see a connection there. And I know I didn’t pay good money for this book to get preached to. Well, I was still trying to have an open mind with this book. There might be some good info to come, right? WRONG! Here is an example of methods described in this book to re-establish credit. It says you should apply for credit cards, but never apply to banks that spell bank with a “c” at the end, like this “banc”. Huh? What the heck is this author talking about? Find another book on the subject, there has to be a better one than this. There sure aren’t any worse.

  4. Review by Wendell Roberson for The Complete Guide To Credit Repair
    Pros – easy to read and concise; good tips on how to establish and re-establish credit; good job explaining the credit reporting process and the importance of credit and the three types of lenders (prime, subprime, and secondary).

    Cons – does not include info about credit scoring; steps for fixing credit are too cumbersome for the average consumer to follow; tips for how to strengthen credit are ineffective, outdated, misleading – such as having account added to your credit record – the agencies don’t do that anymore. incorrect data about the length of time chapter 13 bankruptcies stay on credit reports; sample letters are too vague.

    The book could have been more detailed to help readers fully grasp credit. It’s a good introdution to credit that wiill leave you seeking more information. recommendation – The Insider’s Guide to credit Repair by K.E. Varner and Your Credit Score by Liz Weston.

  5. Review by Alisa for The Complete Guide To Credit Repair
    I’ve always been afraid to face my credit problems but this book has helped me take positive steps to turn my life around.I had an car reposesed four years ago but thanks to this book, I’m fixing my credit and will be buying a house in the fall.This book was very easy to understand! I recomend it to anyone who needs to clean up their credit. No matter how bad you may think it is, there is a solution…just buy this book!!

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