How can I succesfully repair my own credit ?

Question by John G: How can I succesfully repair my own credit ?
Do credit repair companies work? I want to build or buy a house for my family .This is no joke , I have seven kids . So it’s very important that I get a good P.M.I. and a good interest rate or I’ll never be able to afford it. I make about 60k a year , but one of kids had to have 5 brain surgeries right after she was born and this ruined my wife and my credit . Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please , serious stuff only.

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Answer by ydonikno
pay off all your Bil’s

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  1. Get a card and pay the high interest. When they see you paying interest your score will slowly improve. Then you get better interest rates. Start with a sears card if you have to.

  2. Be very leary of the so called repair companies. They say they are non profit, but they make a commission off of every dollar you send your creditors, they have deals with them. Also alot of those places are just offering chapter 13 in a fancy way. Of course, in your situation, that may not be a bad idea. Do you have any CD’s or IRA’s that you can cash in and pay the stuff off maybe?

  3. It all comes down to paying your bills on time. After doing this for a while, it will improve

  4. Get a new copy of your credit report from Experian(1-800-509-8495), and find out what you have to dispute. Then obtain a dispute form from the government, file the disputes. Then see what happens.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your circumstances. You could consult with a financial planner, they may be able to set up a budget for you. They may be able to find you a consolidation loan with a low interest rate, you could also check with banks for that too. If you want to do this on your own, I would suggest making sure that you’re never late with a bill payment. Live as modestly as you can. Shop at second hand stores, coupons etc. Only have one vehicle if you can etc. Start with one of your debts and pay it off. Just keep going until they are all finished.

  6. Repair companies do nothing you can’t do youraself. First order all 3 bureaus individually. A merged report will give you old and inaccurate information. First dispute inaccurracies on each bureau and if they cannot be corrected then. Go to the BBB website, find the head office and person and write them a letter advising them they are violating the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and will be subject to penalties if the corrections arn’t made. It has worked for me in the past and you are not wasting your money on an agency that can only do half the work you could do. All it takes is a little time and persistance and it will pay off.

  7. I am a loan originator and deal with people who have bad credit on a daily basis. I would suggest getting a copy of your credit report. Then making sure that there are no duplicates or closed accounts affecting your score. If there are you can call those places that have been dawdling in taking them off your credit report. Pay things on time and try to get rid of as much revolving debt as possible. If your credit is bad now you may need to wait a couple months until you can correct all of the above problems and bring your credit score up to where it should be. I hope I helped to answer your question if you have any more concerning your credit scores feel free to contact me through my yahoo email. P.S. A credit repair company can raise your scores but you most likely won’t see the results until the process is over, they can really affect your score negatively while the repair process is taking place. Just put yourself in the lenders position. Would you lend money to someone going through a “credit repair”? I suggest trying to do it on your own first.

  8. Get your score from FICO. Then dispute any reports that are more than 3 years old or are not accurate with each credit b. MYFICO .com would allow you to send a dispute on line.

    After you dispute any incorrect data you need to start paying the credit card with the lowest balance. After you payoff that credit card, use the money you were sending to the card you just paid off and add it on top of the minimum payment amount to pay for the next card. Keep doing the same until you pay off all cards.

    Paying the one with the highest interest rates might take you too long.

    For example: you have 3 cards.
    Card 1 balance is $200 minimum payment is $10
    Card 2 balance is $500 minimum payment is $50
    Card 3 balance is $ 1000 Minimum payment is $125

    Pay off card #1. Use the $10 and now pay $60 for card #2.
    Pay off card #2. Use the $60 and now pay $215 for card #3.

    Do not close the cards. Closing accounts counts against your credit score.

    Make sure you are NEVER late on any of the payments,
    Some of the credit cards companies take a “promise to pay” over the phone or on line . This promise most of the time prevents them from sending your account to collections.

    You can call the credit cards companies and negociate the interest rate. Tell them that you are thinking of closing the account due to the high interest rate. Most of the time they will lower it. I got them from 22% to 3.99% applied to the exiting balance and 16% for new charges.

    NEVER, NEVER be late for you mortgage or car payment. The late payment will stay on our record for up to 7 years.

    You can do this yourself. Go to Dave Ramsey’s website to learn how to be debt free ….

  9. First, you can do everything yourself now. go to a store like office max or office depot, and get a package for credit repair. everything U need is in it. get all your 3 credit reports for free now. then go to work. comb thru a 3 reports and start clean it up. the best website I have found an used is

  10. You do not need a credit score of any kind to buy a house. Find a mortgage company that does “manual underwriting”. This is where a PERSON looks at your situation, not a computer. Church Hill Mortgage does this. You must have paid your current mort. or rent on time or early for two years to qualify.

    Before buying a house, you should be debt-free, have 3-6 months of expenses saved up, and your mort. should be no more than 25% of your monthly take home pay. In your case ($60,000) your mort., insurance, and taxes should be less than $1250 / mo. if 60k is your TAKE HOME.

    If your monthly bills (incl. new mort.) is $4000.00/mo, then you need to have $12,000 to $24,000 as an emergency fund saved up before buying a house. If you were debt-free, you could save this up in 18-24 months. You also need to put down 20% on a 15 year fixed mort.

    The reason that you need to clean up all of this stuff before buying a house is that if you move into a house with no money saved up, and a mailbox full of bills, you are one layoff of medical crisis away from forclosure.

    This is the optimal goal. How much of it you achieve before buying a house is up to you, but it is how you should approach the question.

  11. Credit repair companies do NOT work. Generally, the bureaus know when credit repair companies are doing your work for you.
    It is illegal for a company to charge you to fix your credit.

    I’ve read all the above answers but one thing is missing. The answer to your question. Go to the book store and purchase “Guaranteed Credit” by Arnold S. Goldstein. This book will tell you all you need to know about fixing your credit. It costs about $20.


  12. I agree with the previous comment about paying off all your debt before getting into a home loan. There is no stress like an emergency happening and foreclosure coming up on you.

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