How can i open my own credit repair company?

Question by 2ManyQuestions: How can i open my own credit repair company?
I am a mortgage loan officer and always send customers who have credit issues to a credit company to clean off their credit. I know people can do this on their own, but many do not have the knowledge and time to do it. I have also cleaned customers credit myself including mine and my wife`s and friends and family members but i have been doing it for free. How do i go about it in opening my own credit repair company? Where do i start?

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How about starting with giving me a free consultation? LOL my credit sucks!

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  1. I wish I could provide an answer to this, a REAL answer. I was in mortgage too for a number of years and got to watch SEVERAL opportunities like the ones you are describing pass me by. Although I would probably open up shop for myself if I had this answer ;-) … I have another product that you could easily incorporate into your current business AND provide a value that no-one else in Real Estate offers. Contact me at 949-838-6909 or if you are interested in taking a look.

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