Credit Repair Programs – Don’t Decide on a Company Until you Read This

Credit Repair Programs – Don’t Decide on a Company Until you Read This

There’s no shortage of credit repair programs.  Some say they do it, others teach you how to do it yourself.  Others, say they’ll create a whole new you, in my case hopefully thinner.  The verdict isn’t out on how legal that is.  I’m sure well find out about it when it land a couple of people in jail.  For this article I’m going to cover what I did to repair my credit myself.  I didn’t have the money to pay a professional and I’m ok with my identity, so I opted to learn a little about credit.


Good credit repair programs will show you how to approach the credit problem and address the most damaging issues first.  It’ll go into detail and give you options on how to handle a denial.  With my credit for example, I found an account with a collection company that was violating my rights by re-aging a bad debt.  My initial dispute letter was regarding the re-aging issue and requesting it be removed.  It came back with a correction but no removal.  If I didn’t know any better I might have left it at that.  I went back to them with a dispute over the company not having the proper proof of my debt.  I requested they provide proof with proper accounting for the amount.  That’s what did it.  They didn’t respond within the time frame they have and I requested the bureaus remove it.


Of course I couldn’t have done this without first recognizing the violations, that’s where the credit repair programs help.  The differences are so subtle that their easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for.


I did look into several companies’ credit repair programs.  They all sounded great except for the fact that I had to either pay per month or pay up front fees.  Much higher than what I invested into my credit manuals.  I could use the 1,200 I was being quoted as total cost, towards settling an account.  I also opted to do it myself because they offer no guarantee that they’ll remove all the issues and for that cost or on- going cost I wanted something more sure.  Also, if I was going to have to settle on accounts it would also raise my cost on top of the 1,200.  Not exactly what I was looking to do.  I wanted to save money not spend money.


Credit repair programs are a matter of preference.  I prefer to learn and do it myself.  I made the time, about an hour per week, to learn about the subject and write my letters.   So far it’s worked well.  I’ve removed several collections and settled one at 30% of what I owed with a deletion letter.  You don’t, ever, want to pay a collection without a deletion letter it does more harm than good.  Regarding the companies I figured I can always go back to one of them to fix the issues I can’t do myself and use a pay as you go program.  Good Luck!

Credit repair techniques change. Using the most current techniques to dispute correctly has worked well for me. I understand my credit now and strongly recommend consumers understand this critical aspect of their financial life. There’s a lot of information out there. Below is what helped me the most.
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