Credit Repair Kit For Dummies

Credit Repair Kit For Dummies

Now, you can finally end the cycle of bad credit and get back on your feet by following the step-by-step advice and tools in Credit Repair Kit For Dummies, 2nd Edition. You’ll find out everything you need to know about creating a solid plan to get your credit back on track. You’ll discover how to find your credit report, review all of the information in it, and learn how you can repair and spruce it up. You’ll learn how to communicate with creditors and how to budget so that you can pay yo

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5 Responses to “Credit Repair Kit For Dummies”

  1. Review by Alisha Marie Norton for Credit Repair Kit For Dummies
    I’m lukewarm about this book.

    This book is good if you want general credit information but the title “Credit Repair” is misleading. If your credit is really jacked up like mine then this book won’t cut it. I’d suggest doing online research to find out how you can repair your credit.

    The book should have covered things like “pay for delete” which is a negotiation tactic that you use with collection agencies in which you pay the amount that you owe and they delete the negative tradeline off of your credit report. This is something that you would need to get in writing before making the actual payment.

    Another term that the book should have covered is “restrictive endorsement”. This is when you give your creditors a check w/ stipulations in the memo like “by cashing this check you are agreeing that this debt is paid in full” or “by cashing this check, you are agreeing to remove the negative tradeline off of my credit report”. Note that this does not hold up in every state so you must be careful.

    This book doesn’t really touch on HIPAA information which is needed if you want to remove medical accounts (that have gone to collections) off of your credit report.

    My suggestion if your credit is really bad is to do online research to figure out how to clean it up. This book is nothing more than definitions and you could get those online as well.

  2. Review by Elizabeth Lewin for Credit Repair Kit For Dummies
    As a financial planner and co-author of Making Bread: The Ultimate Financial Guide for Women Who Need Dough, I recommend this book for every college student. They need to know how to use credit wisely and this book will help them understand how it can be done. More importantly, students will learn what happens when they abuse credit. Few, if any, understand how bad credit will affect their future ability to borrow money. Money management should be a required course for college students. It is not, and they go into the adult world as financial illiterates. This book will open their eyes to what can happen.

    Elizabeth Lewin

  3. Review by Grace Park for Credit Repair Kit For Dummies
    This book helped me get back to the basics of managing my credit – because unbeknownst to and forgotten by many, credit indeed needs to be managed! Also the chapter on budgeting was very useful. Stephen Bucci uses wit and simple everyday language to make the book not only easy to understand and follow, but also engaging. A good purchase for those who need a refresher or reference for real life credit related problems!

  4. Review by Susan Keating for Credit Repair Kit For Dummies
    Steve Bucci’s “Credit Repair Kit for Dummies” expertly covers a broad range of topics, providing information that is important for people to know regarding how to manage credit. Indeed, Steve’s book really cracks the code on consumer relationships with credit – understanding credit reports and what goes in them, how to build and maintain good credit, and how to improve bad credit and get out of debt. It is a fine, easy to understand resource to assist consumers in navigating through the sometimes complex world of credit.

  5. Review by Peidyen for Credit Repair Kit For Dummies
    This was a wonderful book full of lots of details on how credit works. There are lots of tips on how to improve one’s credit and a good discussion of budgeting, identity theft, and dealing with collectors.

    I’d recommend this to anyone who needs help with their finances.

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