Credit Repair Help

Credit Repair Help

The best way to go about finding credit repair help is to know exactly what is hurting your credit scores. There are many factors that can cause your scores to be low. You need to analyze your exact situation. Once you are able to identify the exact problem, you can begin doing research to come up with a solution.

There are many organizations offering help to consumers such as credit repair services, credit counseling services, debt consolidation, etc. But, which one, if any, is right for you? Once again, that all depends on your unique situation. Some financial services out there such as credit counseling, may help you reduce your debt, but at the same time hurt your credit.

Utilizing over 30% of your available credit can be a big factor in low scores. For some people, all they need to do to fix their credit is pay down some debt. The best way to go about paying off debt is setting up a budget and living below your means and maybe even finding a second job. Try to avoid playing high interest fees late payment fees on your loans. Transferring higher interest rate cards to lower interest rate cards can help you pay them down faster as well.

If you have negative items reporting on your credit reports, your best option may be credit report repair. Credit report repair consists of disputing negative accounts with the credit bureaus in hopes of getting them removed. After sending the credit bureau a dispute letter, they have 30 days to conduct an investigation and contact your creditors to verify the information they are reporting is valid. You can also dispute public records such as judgments, bankruptcies, foreclosures, tax liens and repossessions.

After writing a dispute letter to the credit bureaus, it’s also wise to send a debt validation letter to the creditors of any debt that you owe. The request must be done in writing and the creditors have also have 30 days to reply. If the creditors fail to reply or can not supply sufficient proof of your debt, they are required by law to delete the account in question from your credit history.

If they are able to properly validate the debt and the credit bureaus don’t remove it from your reports, the only options you may have left are to negotiate with the creditors. Try to get them to delete the account from your report in exchange for paying off the account.

It’s always smart to know where you stand before applying for a loan. If you apply for a loan knowing that your chances are slim of getting it, you’re foolish wasting an inquiry which will hurt your scores even more. Sign up for an online credit monitoring service. Stay on top of your credit report and always know what is being reported about you.

Chane Steiner is a credit repair expert and founder of, the credit repair help site. His site has helped many people repair their credit and get back on their feet. Chane has reviewed and recommends the following credit repair services.

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