Credit repair?

Question by Tee: Credit repair?
I want to repair my credit I know this will take some time however, I have come into some money and want to pay everything offf thats on my credit if I do so what will happen?

will be removed?
will my score get higher?

I’m so clueless as to what will happen after I pay them all off and its kind of embrassing Im only in debt by 3000.00 how sad

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Answer by Cato
So you’ve come into a bunch of money…time to repair your credit.

First thing I would do is get a copy of your credit reports and find out what you need to settle. Secondly, don’t deal with the collection agencies unless the original creditor absolutely won’t talk to you.

I would recommend paying off your open credit cards first. Then tuck them away and don’t use them. This will take care of the “%available credit” part of your credit score”

The next part is cleaning up your delinquint accounts. Call your creditors and see if they will settle for 50% or less of your delinquent balance.

Demand that you get a copy of the settlement in writing BEFORE you send them a check. Make sure that any settlement agreement you reach includes what they will do with your credit report…you can see if they will take it off of your report, but if they won’t at least demand that they put the phrase “pays as agrees” or “paid in full” on there. The ideal is that they remove the item from your report entirely.

If the creditor sent an item to collections, call the collection agency and demand that they remove the collections item from your report. (This will improve your score).

Start with the lowest delinquent balance first and work your way up…the more line items you can remove from your credit file the better.

Good luck!

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  1. When paying off your creditors make sure you get a release form from each one, showing that you satisfied that debt. Because sometimes it’s never taken of your credit report after paying them back. As far as your credit being repaired to the point of getting credit again, it’s going to take some years before you can.

  2. Get a copy of your credit report. If there are any errors, dispute them with the credit bureaus.

    Start negotiating settlements of your derogatory items. Start with the newest and work back to the oldest. The older the item, the less impact on your score. Anything close to the 7 year reporting period, just let age off.

    If you have single entry derogatory items like cell phone, medical, and utility bills, ask for a delete for pay. That will remove the item and work best for your score. In the case of multiple entry items like credit cards, the collection company can only remove what they posted. The charge off by the original creditor will stay on your report.

    If the debt is more than 3 years old, offer 25%; 2 to 3 years old, offer 50%; less than 2, offer 75%. Lump sum gets the best deals. Payment plans have to be short term.

    Get any settlement agreement in writing and keep it, along with your payment proof, forever. Do not give collectors direct access to your bank account.

    Paying off old debt will not improve your score unless you get it deleted. In fact, paying old debt will initially lower your score. When you pay an old debt, it becomes a “current” transaction and is counted more, including the negative parts. Creditors look at your whole credit report, not just the score. Paid old debt always looks better than unpaid.

    You will need at least 24 months of consistent, on time payment history to improve your score.

  3. baby please that is not said. at least you are in debt only 3000.00 dollars. please do not be embarrassed. some are in debt in the 50,000. thats a house! anyway yes your score will get higher but the debts will stay on you credit reports for a good period of time. also when you pay it off please keep the reciepts. this will help you when you apply for a loan and they pull your credit reports and see you have those debts on there. you can politely show them the reciepts and they will 4give your debt. also when you pay it off get the address to all the credit reports and mail a copy of your reciepts to them so they have proof you paid the bills off and take it off for you. because the bills you pay off suppose let the credit report people know you paid the debt. but sometimes they do not. that will prevent your score from coming up.

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