Credit Repair?

Question by mrdeservn913: Credit Repair?
I have no idea where to start to repair my credit. They are always offering free credit reports but I am leary of that. Could someone please tell me where to start?

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Answer by Mary G
Find out what’s on your credit report. Contact the creditors that are trying to get you to pay. I’m sure you received letters in the mail, saying that you are late or they are going to repossess or something. Start paying something. Call the creditors.

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  1. Hi,

    Check out for some useful info and tips on getting a credit report online for free. Good luck!

  2. If you are just starting credit repair, you must start with the basics.
    This is a very simple break down of the steps you need to take in the beginning.

    1. Order reports directly from ALL 3 CRAs – If you cannot afford to purchase them you can get your free annual report.
    *Please keep in mind that disputing with a free annual report gives the CRA more time (45 days). It is not wise to dispute with these because it will lessen your chance for a deletion.

    2. Opt out

    3. Update/Delete any personal info with the CRAs
    *Have as much as possible removed. It would be ideal to only have your current address. No variations of name, addresses or socials. No need for employment information or phone numbers. It is not necessary.

    4. Wait until 2 & 3 take effect (give opting out about a week) and READ in the meantime.
    *Read up on your state laws, the FCRA, FDCPA and the FCBA

    5. Triage your reports.
    *Go to Why Chat’s site and find out the SOL for your state. Figure out which accts are out of SOL and start with those. You determine if the acct is out of SOL by the DOFD (date of first delinquency). Please be aware that disputing any accts that are still within SOL could possibly wake up a sleeping giant and you can be sued. So proceed with caution and make sure you understand what you are doing first.

    6. Dispute with CRAs
    *You can do a blanket dispute (dispute everything). Some have luck with this. OR just dispute 3-4 at a time.

    Whatever you decide, you must wait until the investigation is over before disputing any more (30+5 days for regular report disputes/45+5 days for disputing with the free reports)

    7. Now you WAIT……….and READ.

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